Upcoming Product Release: Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktops!

Here at Cosmo we’re proud to see the way our products bring alive the heart and soul to kitchens across the country. Our cooktop line has always delivered seamless performance with modern design at its core. We’re happy to introduce our newest products, the COS-365ECC and COS-304ECC, electric ceramic glass cooktops!

These beautiful cooktops come with a smooth glass ceramic surface that easily wipes clean, giving you freedom to cook whatever you please and a clean, shiny cooktop after every meal. Powered with either 4 or 5 electric surface burners, you can rest assured you can cook like a professional chef in your own home. These burners are also equipped with dual zone elements for added flexibility when cooking with different sized cookware.


  • Knob controls provide easy access to temperature settings
  • 5 Heat levels for a variety in cooking
  • Hot Surface Indicator Light will glow to alert any surface area is too hot to touch
  • Built with SCHOTT CERAN ® cooktop panels –made of a material that combines the aesthetics of glass with enormous heat resistance and stability. The ceramization process is then what turns glass into a glass-ceramic
  • Dual Zone Elements offer flexibility for a variety of cookware sizes
  • Easy clean-up with the cooktop’s smooth glass surface
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Like what you see? Keep an eye out for the cooktops here.

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