Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen design can be daunting. It’s best to learn the biggest mistakes people often make before designing your own. Check out these tips below!

Inconsistent Layout

The placement of appliances and cabinets is crucial. Good organization goes a long way. First decide, what kind of kitchen works for you? Are you somebody who entertains in the kitchen? Maybe you’ll need an island with extra seats. You could need extra counter space if you love to bake and cook for all your ingredients. Putting all your appliances in one counter may not be the most aesthetically pleasing idea. These questions will help map out your space more effectively.

Cabinets and the Color Choices You Make

Cabinets can be one of the most expensive items in your kitchen. When deciding on your cabinets it’s important to keep two things in mind–versatility and durability. You won’t be replacing your cabinets all the time and these decisions can carry a hefty cost. Look for solid wood construction cabinets that are at least ½ inch thick with well finished surfaces. Pay attention to any imperfection such as wood knots or bad sanding.


Marble counters may look beautiful at first, but these surfaces easily stain from certain drinks and dyes. Other acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemons can actually erode marble quickly, making it less practical in a kitchen. Affordable and durable counters such as quartz or granite are safer choices for kitchen counters.

Empty Spaces Above Cabinets

Having a large empty space between cabinets and the ceiling leads to kitchens feeling empty and dust buildup. These spaces are hard to reach and clean. Consider placing a soffit here. A soffit is a decorative architectural feature that can fill up these areas in an appealing way.

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Source: Insider

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