What Not to Do on a Ceramic or Glass Cooktop

A smooth top electric cooktop is often favored for its stylish appearance versus traditional coil element types. The maintenance for a smooth cooktop differs in that it can discolor or scratch if used incorrectly. Owners should also be proactive in cleaning their smooth cooktops to keep them in pristine shape. Here’s some of the things you should avoid to help your cooktop.

  • Avoid iron cookware. The bottoms of cast iron cookware are usually very rough and any sudden movements can leave scratches behind. Ceramic and stoneware also have unfinished, rough bases. Use these for your oven instead.
  • Skillets or pans with rounded edge bottoms aren’t recommended for smooth cooktops. Pans will perform better if they are flat to evenly distribute heat. A smooth bottom will also offer more stability and prevent any rocking.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or metal pads which can scratch the surface. Opt for a soft sponge or cloth and cream cleaning solution made specifically for ceramic or glass cooktops.
  • Avoid dragging heavy pots on your cooktop. Always lift and transfer to another area to reduce the risk of scratching.
  • Clean your cookware regularly before placing it on your cooktop. A build-up of grease can leave aluminum-looking rings or marks on a cooktop. These are often very difficult to clean.
  • Avoid spilling when boiling or cooking sugary substances. This can discolor the cooktop leaving yellowish areas. Clean up these spills as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid placing utensils on your cooktop. These may have food which will mark and burn, leaving a mess that will need to be cleaned.

Source: The Spruce

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