Where is the brand Cosmo made

Cosmo Appliances is headquartered in Southern California and sold throughout the United States and Canada. Where is the brand Cosmo made? The working components designed for Cosmo appliances are sourced from different parts of the world including USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand and China. Cosmo appliances are assembled in China. Ovens, Ranges, Cooktops, Range Hoods and other products are sold through popular retailers such as Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe’s and Wayfair. Our appliances are offered in consideration to budget-conscious consumers, with a focus on refining products by selecting the best components available. A Cosmo kitchen appliance concentrates on contemporary styles by utilizing modern shapes and easy-to clean stainless steel. Our products are backed by US based customer support and manufacturer warranties to ensure years of reliable operation.

Our goal has always been to craft a happy home with a happy kitchen. We are driven to produce products that inspire people to come together and create unforgettable moments, while turning dream kitchens into realities. A better home starts with Cosmo.

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