Why A Microwave Still Belongs in Your Kitchen

In a world of air fryers, sous vides, instant pots and blenders, it’s easy to look past the functionality of a traditional microwave. While you may be tempted to get rid of your microwave altogether, here are a few reasons why it still has a place in your kitchen.

  1. Healthy Dinners. Microwaves often have a negative relation to unhealthy and bland frozen microwavable dinners. Microwaves are much more useful than that. You can use your microwave to make a tender baked potato in just a few minutes. You can also steam veggies with very little cleanup. It can help get dinner on the table without turning on an oven. Oatmeal is a classic microwave meal, ready in just a few minutes.
  2. Safety. You may have come across myths claiming microwaves are dangerous or add toxins to food. However, studies have shown microwaves are better at retaining nutrients in food compared to other methods such as roasting at high temperatures. There also have been no studies to claim microwaves cause cancer in humans. One important thing to remember is to skip out on plastic containers. These containers can contain BPA which can get in food when heated. Choose glass containers instead.
  3. Other Valuable Uses. Microwaves are a quick and easy way to heat up items for home remedies. Warming up a small towel in a microwave can help alleviate certain pains or aches when applied for a heat press. There’s also special heatable bags that can be used to help alleviate chronic migraines. Much quicker than relying on other methods like an oven.

Source: the Kitchn

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