10 Surprising Kitchen Hacks You Need to Try Today

Are you tired of spending too much time in the kitchen? These 10 surprising kitchen hacks will make your life easier and more efficient! From using a muffin tin for perfect portion sizes to microwaving your citrus fruits for easier juicing, these hacks will save you time and hassle. Give them a try and see how they transform your cooking routine.

  1. Use a muffin tin to create perfectly portioned meals.
  2. Keep your cutting board from slipping by placing a damp towel underneath.
  3. Use a potato masher to break up ground meat quickly and easily.
  4. Cut soft foods like cheese and butter with dental floss for clean, even slices.
  5. Microwave citrus fruits for 15-20 seconds to make juicing easier.
  6. Use a wine bottle to roll out dough evenly.
  7. Freeze leftover herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays for easy seasoning.
  8. Cut cherry tomatoes in half using two lids to save time.
  9. Use a pizza cutter to quickly and easily cut sandwiches and quesadillas.
  10. Store leftover sauce or marinade in ice cube trays for easy portioning later.

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