4 Tips to Achieve a Decluttered Kitchen

No matter the kitchen design, endless clutter of jars, spices, dishes and meaningless brushes will ruin the aesthetic. Here are a few tools and tricks you can utilize to keep your dishes and cleaning products in an orderly fashion.

Go Vertical. An open shelf designed kitchen is on trend, but towering dishware easily ruins the look. Invest in slotted organizers that will hold everything vertically. This file system easily shows you what you have and can also help to cut down on things you may no longer need. It’s a great way to clear out the clutter in the furthest corners of your cupboards. It also looks far more appealing whenever your baking sheets are standing next to each other instead of in a tower.

Cut Down the Kitchen Sink Tools. Your skin may be cluttered from all those various bottles and sponges that are continuing to pile up over time. Look for a multi-purpose tool such as a dishwand that can dispense detergent while also scrubbing. You’ll no longer need several sponges crowding around your sink’s edge and will optimize your dishwashing process.

Uniform Storage. A busy pantry with loads of different colors, bags and packages can be an eye-sore. Try investing in quality matching canisters that you can store dry goods such as pasta, nuts and flours. It also helps you visually determine what’s available more quickly. You’ll save money instead of accidentally purchasing the same bag of almonds you missed in the back of the drawer. Label these canisters with matching labels for the perfect finishing touch.

Cooktop Cleaners. Induction cooktops are becoming more common as a popular cooking option. These cooktops are prone to spills that can cook-on stains or leave marks over time. There are many internet solutions out there that can leave your kitchen cluttered with tools. Look for cooktop pads that have a special texture that won’t scratch the glass surfaces for a quick one-stop solution.

Source: House Beautiful

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