8 Surprising Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Cooking can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but with these surprising kitchen hacks, you can make the process a lot easier. These tips and tricks may be unexpected, but they will help you work more efficiently in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your meals without added stress.

Hack 1: Use a muffin tin to cook eggs If you want to make perfectly cooked eggs, try using a muffin tin. Simply crack an egg into each muffin cup, add your desired toppings, and bake in the oven. This hack is perfect for meal prepping and ensures that each egg is cooked to perfection.

Hack 2: Freeze tomato paste in ice cube trays Tomato paste is a great ingredient to have on hand, but it can be frustrating when you only need a small amount. Instead of throwing away the rest, freeze it in ice cube trays. Each cube is equivalent to about two tablespoons, making it easy to add to sauces and stews.

Hack 3: Use a potato peeler to slice cheese Slicing cheese can be a hassle, but a potato peeler makes the task much easier. Simply peel the cheese as you would a potato, and you’ll have perfect slices every time.

Hack 4: Use a bundt pan to roast a chicken Roasting a chicken can be a messy task, but a bundt pan makes it much easier. Place the chicken in the center of the pan, and the juices will flow down into the bottom, creating a delicious sauce.

Hack 5: Use a muffin tin to freeze herbs in oil Preserve your fresh herbs by freezing them in oil using a muffin tin. Simply fill each cup with chopped herbs and oil, and freeze until solid. Each cube can be added to sauces and soups for added flavor.

Hack 6: Use a rolling pin to crush crackers Crushing crackers for recipes can be a messy task, but a rolling pin makes it a breeze. Place the crackers in a plastic bag, and roll the pin over the bag until the crackers are finely crushed.

Hack 7: Use a citrus juicer to squeeze garlic Squeezing garlic can be time-consuming, but a citrus juicer makes the task much easier. Simply place a peeled garlic clove in the juicer, and squeeze. The garlic will be perfectly minced and ready to use.

Hack 8: Use a pizza cutter to cut pancakes Cutting pancakes can be a hassle, but a pizza cutter makes it much easier. Simply roll the cutter over the pancake to create perfect slices every time.

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