Single Door vs. French Door Refrigerators

Refrigerators often hold the most important ingredients in your kitchen. French door or single door models may seem like a superficial detail but can actually make a big difference in how you use it.

French Door Refrigerators

Having two doors swinging out instead of one allows for better clearance in tighter kitchen areas. Since the freezer on French door refrigerators are located below, you have immediate access to your necessities–no more leaning down to see if you have any milk. They also tend to be more energy efficient than their single door counterparts, since you can open one door instead of the whole fridge, preventing cold air from escaping. French door refrigerators take advantage of the entire fridge width. You can easily store a full pizza in one of the tiers or drawers.

However, French Door refrigerators often come with a more expensive price tag than a single door would. All the extra space means the door shelves tend to be more narrow, which may make it more difficult to store large pitchers or bottles on the doors.

Single Door Refrigerators

Single door refrigerators are favorable for their cheaper price. It may not have the fanciest features but if you need a fridge within a budget, the single door may be the way to go. They also are easier to clean, less handles means less work for you! Single door refrigerators are easier to close compared to French doors. French doors have to be closed with a good push, which can be a risk if you’re used to letting the door swing back closed on its own.

If you’re looking for a statement piece in your kitchen, a single door wouldn’t have much to offer. Due to its larger door width these refrigerators need a lot of room to open. This can be an issue in smaller kitchen areas or apartments.

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