Tips on Organizing Your Pantry

You may have already heard the common pantry organizing tricks such as placing similar ingredients together or using clear containers for dry goods. Here are some more tips you may be missing when it comes to building that well-ordered pantry you’ve always dreamed of.

New Methods for Organizing

A common way of organizing your pantry is the “like with like” approach. While placing similar ingredients together may be a good starting point, there may be better solutions for your kitchen. First, consider the frequency of use. Are there some spices you use more than others? Place those in an easily accessible spot. Do you have a morning routine that always revolves around coffee? Consider a coffee station with all your essentials.

Another organization method you should consider is the “first in, first out” system. This method is similar to most grocery stores. If you have multiples of one item such as beverages or boxes of cereal, place them in a way that the older items will be used first. You will ultimately prevent wasting any food.

Storing Foods in Jars

A recent trend that is visually pleasing to look as is placing dry goods in matching glass storage jars. This process is known as decanting. Decanting typically involves moving liquid ingredients from one jar to another, but decanting for your pantry involves moving dry foods into another storage container. The process helps reduce clutter in your pantry while also providing a visual on what you have available. When doing this, be sure you are using jars appropriate to the ingredient. Is this something you will have to pour or scoop later on? If so, be sure you have a wide enough mouth on the jar that you can scoop out of if necessary.

Take some time to label these ingredients with not only the name of the ingredient but with their expiration date. You will be losing the original container after all. You can use some washi tape and a permanent marker, no need for all the fancy labels.

Achieving the perfect pantry takes time and is an ongoing process. A pantry will always differ depending on the needs of the kitchen. Check up with your pantry a few times a year to see what can be improved or thrown out.

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