Month: April 2020

Simple Solutions for Small Appliances

Your family depends on the appliances in your kitchen. You have a few small appliances in your home that you want to keep in good working order. Here’s a quick list of small kitchen solutions for small kitchen appliances to make cooking and cleaning more convenient. Microwave Presets to Save Energy   Did you know that […]

Let Kids Get Hands-On with Healthy Treats

Snacks are a way of life for people of all ages, but especially children, who consume about 25% of their daily calories from snacks, according to research published in the “Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.” Providing nutritionally balanced snacks for your children at home can make for a happy and healthy day. Planning snacks […]

How to Chill Wine Quickly

One of the biggest factors that affects way you experience wine is serving temperature; which has an impact on the wine’s flavor, structure, and aroma. That being said, what do you do when company is on the way and you’re in need of some perfectly chilled wine now. Resist the urge to add ice cubes to […]

Cosmo’s Wine Cooler- Designed to Preserve and Protect Wine

What is a wine cooler? Wine coolers are fast becoming “the” must have appliance for wine lovers and enthusiast. Designed for chilling wine and other beverages, a wine cooler is made to eliminate harmful light, fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and vibration. If you drink a lot of wine and don’t have a proper basement for long-term storage, […]

Use By, Best By, Sell By: Understanding Food Expiration Dates

When you’ve been going through the deep recesses of your pantry in the past weeks, you might have come across something that had a questionable expiration date. Whether you remember buying that box of oatmeal packets or not, how do you know if it’s safe to eat?  Food manufacturers use three general food expiration date […]

The Magic of Cooking with A Portable Induction Cooktop

Curious about induction cooking? There’s a lot to love about induction cooking and cooking with a portable cooktop has some real advantages. These fancy, futuristic looking and almost magical appliances offer sleek designs, with a smooth glass surface. Loved by chefs and food stylist, the portable induction cooktop is changing the cooking game- with its […]

Four Worthwhile Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

With all the focus on Marie Kondo, it can be tempting to cut down on the number of non-essential items in your kitchen. While we agree that your spaces should spark joy, we’ve also got a few opinions on four kitchen gadgets that are worth the space you’ll spend to keep them.  Air Fryer From […]

Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Air Fryer

Have you been using your Air fryer a lot more lately? Then you know it’s an easy and more convenient way to get delicious meals on the table quickly.  Cooking with this miracle kitchen gadget is a game-changing experience. The possibilities are endless when you cook with an Air fryer – so to make the […]

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances the Natural Way

Instructions Check the manual: Before you clean a stainless steel appliance, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Gather your supplies: Cleaning is easier when you have all of your supplies together and ready to go. Determine the direction the grain: Like wood, Stainless steel also has a grain. Look closely. It will either be […]

Cook Once, Enjoy it Twice Mexican Beef Recipes

With so many Americans preparing meals at home, the practice of cooking once and eating twice can extend your grocery budget while also making meal planning less stressful and more comforting. Cook a base dish that can be enjoyed today and used for an entirely different meal tomorrow. It’s a kitchen practice as simple as […]

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