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Q: What if my question isn’t listed here?

A: General FAQs

Q: How do I set a shut-off timer on my range hood?

A: To set the shut-off timer on your range hood:

  1. Turn the fan on and set to the desired speed.
  2. Press the leftmost button (o).
  3. Press the up and down buttons until the desired shut-off time is displayed (in minutes).
  4. The fan will shut off automatically when the timer ends.

Q: What is my unit’s CFM?

A: The maximum CFM of the Cosmo COS-18U48 under-cabinet range hood is 806. 

Q: How do I convert my unit to ductless?

A: The COS-18U48 cannot be converted to ductless/recirculating.

Q: What is the required duct size for the Cosmo under-cabinet range hood?

A: The required duct size is 10” in diameter. The unit also includes a backdraft damper to prevent air from flowing in from the outside.