Customer Support Hub


Q: Who do I call for warranty support?

A: Your Cosmo dishwasher has a dedicated warranty support team. You may reach the support team by calling 1-855-877-4085. 

Q: Where can I find the model and serial number of my unit?

A: The model and serial numbers can be found in one of two places: on the rear of the dishwasher, or on the dishwasher’s box. We recommend writing this information down so you have it for easy reference.

Q: What do the error codes mean on my dishwasher?

A: The error codes on your dishwasher are:

CodeMeaningPossible Cause
E1The water is taking too long to enter the dishwasher.– Water faucet is not open fully.
– Water intake is restricted.
– Drain hose is clogged.
E4The water has overflowed.A leak in the dishwasher. Contact support or a qualified technician.
E9A button has been touched for more than 30 seconds.Anything (including water) is touching a button. Dry the control panel completely.

Q: Where do I install the water inlet on my dishwasher?

A: The hot water inlet on your dishwasher is located on the bottom and faces forward. To access the inlet, the dishwasher should be placed facing up.

Q: What is the purpose of the white PVC pipe on the rear and of the dishwasher, towards the bottom?

A: This PVC pipe houses a single screw and is only present for the assembly of the dishwasher at the factory. It has no function or significance to installation and can be safely disregarded.