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General Range Hood FAQ

Q: Does my range hood come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

A: This range hood includes a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty with your new purchase from an authorized retailer. To view a list of authorized retailers, please visit

Q: Where can I find the warranty terms for this product?

A: The warranty terms are available online at Your unit is covered for parts only for 2 years from the date of purchase. 

Q: What do I do if my unit arrives with parts missing?

A: Contact support as soon as possible for replacements of any missing parts. Replacement requests may be denied if they are not reported within 30 days of delivery. 

Q: Where do I find the model and/or serial number on my range hood?

A: Both the model and the serial numbers can be found on the box, or during/after installation by removing the metal filters on the bottom of the range hood and locating the manufacturing information on the sticker inside the unit. If the serial number field is empty, the serial number will be next to this sticker on a separate, small barcode sticker.

Q: Do you carry chimney extensions for wall mount or island mount range hoods for high ceilings?

A: All chimney extensions can be found online at The exact extension depends on your unit’s serial number and can reach up to a 10 or 11-foot ceiling depending on your model and serial number. 

Q: Do you sell chimneys or trim kits for vaulted ceilings?

A: We do not currently produce or sell trim kits or chimneys for vaulted or angled ceilings. 

Q: Can I install my range hood hard-wired?

A: Our range hoods come with a factory-installed 3-prong, grounded plug that must be used with an appropriate 3-wire wall outlet. We do not recommend hard-wiring your range hood. 

Q: Can I install my range hood in an outdoor kitchen?

A: Our range hoods are not rated or recommended for outdoor use, even in covered patios. The excess heat produced by outdoor grills will wear out the internal components of your range hood quickly and may void your warranty. 

Q: What is the maximum duct length I can run to the outside?

A: The duct length should not exceed 12.5 feet with one 90-degree elbow. If the duct length or number of elbows is increased beyond this point, you may not reach the advertised CFM; the performance and suction will be adversely affected.

Q: Can I change the lighting on my range hood?

A: Many of our units do not have upgradeable lighting. You can purchase 3500K color upgrade lights for newer versions of our wall mount, island mount (excluding COS-HAF859), and under-cabinet (excluding COS-5U30, COS-5MU30, COS-5MU36, and COS-18U48) range hoods at

Q: Why is my unit white or blue instead of stainless steel/gray?

A: Most of our range hoods ship with a thick, opaque protective film that may resemble paint. Using your fingernail, begin peeling the film from an edge or from around the display. The stainless steel will begin to show through, and will be revealed completely once the film has been entirely removed.

Q: Why is my range hood making a loud noise when I turn on the fan?

A: The most common cause of this issue is shipping tape being present on top of the damper flaps, preventing them from opening properly.

  1. To check that the damper flaps are working properly, follow the steps below:
    1. Unplug your unit
    2. Remove the ductwork from the top of the hood. 
    3. Pull on the damper flaps with your hands to make sure they are not stuck in place, and that any tape or other debris is removed from their path. 
    4. Remove the damper flaps one at a time and attempt to spin the fan with your hand, or using a long tool such as a screwdriver. 
    5. If the issue persists, please look for any other blockage in the duct, or any external dampers that are not opening properly.
  2. Feel for any abnormal vibration while in use. This can be a sign of an unbalanced fan.
  3. Ensure that the correct duct size is being used according to the required specifications in the installation manual. If the duct size has been reduced, it will negatively affect both the suction power and noise level of the range hood.
  4. The grease filters may be clogged or dirty.
    1. Thoroughly clean or replace the baffle filters.
  5. If the issue is not resolved, record a brief video of the sound and send it to support at This will allow us to properly diagnose your range hood and suggest any replacement parts if necessary. 

Q: How can I replace the lights on my range hood?

A: Lights can be purchased directly from us by calling us at 1-888-784-3108, or by sending an email along with your model number, serial number, and light(s) needed to

Q: How can I clean the filters on my range hood?

A: Permanent, stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher safe but can also be hand washed using warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. Aluminum mesh filters should be hand washed only with warm, soapy water and replaced if they become too dirty or clogged. Carbon filters cannot be washed and should be replaced every 4-6 months depending on usage. 

Q: My baffle filters are missing an insert to filter the air. Can you send me a replacement?

A: The permanent baffle filters included with your range hood do not use an insert. They use the high speed of the air, along with Arc-Flow technology to trap grease and oil in the crevices of the filter. Carbon filters are additional and only required for ductless operation.

Q: I want to use my UC30, UMC30, QS-series, or QB-series range hood as ductless. How do I close the air vent on top of the range hood?

A: The air vent on top of your range hood must be left open to properly vent the air from your cooktop. You will need to cut an appropriately sized hole in your cabinet as the range hood will recirculate the air through your cabinet doors. There is no rear or front-venting option for these models.

Q: How can I clean my range hood?

A: We recommend cleaning your range hood mild soap mixed with warm water applied to a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. You can also use stainless steel polish or cleaner intended for stainless steel appliances. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.