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COS-304ECC Cooktop Troubleshooting

My cooktop will not operate
  1. Check if a household fuse has blown, or a circuit breaker has tripped.
    1. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician.
    2. Check that the cooktop has been wired properly: See the Installation Instructions.
    3. Check the control knob has been set correctly.
      1. Push in the knob before turning to a setting.
Excessive heat around cookware on cooktop
  1. Check if the cookware is the proper size.
    1. Use cookware about the same size as the surface cooking area, element or surface burner. Cookware should not extend more than 1/2″ (1.3 cm) outside the cooking area.
My cooktop isn’t cooking properly
  1. Check the proper cookware is being used. See “Cookware” section in the User Manual.
  2. Check the control knob is set to the proper heat level. See “Cooktop Controls” in User Manual.
  3. Check the cooktop is level. Refer to Installation Instructions.
  4. The surface units will not maintain a boil or cook fast enough:
    1. Check to see the proper cookware is being used. Use pans which are flat and match the diameter of the surface unit.
    2. Check the power voltage is not too low.
    3. Cover the pan with a lid until the desired heat is obtained.
My cooktop is turning off
  1. The cooktop frequently cycles on and off:
    1. This is normal operation. Cycling at the high power setting is normal and can occur if the cookware is too small for the cooktop element or if the cookware bottom is not flat. Use the cooktop as usual.
  2. The surface unit stops glowing when changed to a lower setting:
    1. This is normal. The unit is still on and hot. Use the cooktop as usual.
A vapor is being emitted from the knobs of my cooktop
  1. During the first use(s), a vapor may be seen exiting the holes around the knobs of the cooktop. This behavior is normal and should disappear after use.
There is a cracking or “popping” sound
  1. This is normal operation. This is the sound of the metal heating and cooling during cooking. Continue to use the cooktop as usual.
There are areas of discoloration on my cooktop
  1. Food spillover can cause discoloration. Refer to the care and cleaning section in the User Manual.
  2. The cooktop surface may appear discolored when it is hot. This is temporary and will disappear as the glass cools.
  3. There are brown streaks or specks:
    1. A boilover may have been cooked onto the surface:
      1. Wait until the surface cools down. Then, use a single-edge razor-blade scraper at approximately 45° angle against the glass surface to remove the soil.
      2. Refer to the care and cleaning section in the User Manual.
  4. There are areas of discoloration with a metallic sheen:
    1. Mineral deposits from water and food have been left on the surface of the cooktop:
      1. Remove with a ceramic-glass cooktop cleaning cream.
      2. Use cookware with clean, dry bottoms.
      3. Clean the cooktop with a ceramic cleaning agent regularly every week.
There are scratches of abrasions on the surface of my cooktop
  1. Scratches are not removable. Tiny scratches will be less visible in time as a result of cleaning.
  2. Use ceramic glass top cleaning creaming.
  3. Do not use chemical or corrosive agents. These agents may damage the surface of the product.
  4. Avoid scratches by following the recommended cleaning procedures.
  5. Make sure cookware bottoms are clean before use, and use cookware with smooth bottoms. Coarse particles such as salt or sand can scratch the cooktop.
  6. Avoid sliding cookware across the cooktop surface to prevent scratches.