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Q: Why does it smell like paint or chemicals when I use my oven for the first time?

A: This is the result of residue from the manufacturing process burning off. Open all of the windows and doors in the room for proper ventilation and allow the oven to run with nothing inside for at least 45 minutes before the first use.

Q: Why is the cooktop showing as ON even though it has been turned OFF?

A: For your safety, the hot surface indicator lights will remain on as long as the cooktop is hot to the touch. Once the cooktop has sufficiently cooled, the indicator lights will turn off automatically.

Q: Can I use the warming zone element to reheat food?

A: The warming zone element should only be used to keep hot food warm for up to an hour. It should not be used to reheat cold food to prevent food-borne illness. 

Q: What type of cookware is recommended for my glass top?

A: Use flat-bottomed cookware for best heat conduction and energy efficiency. Cookware with rounded, warped, ribbed or dented bottoms may cause uneven heating and poor cooking results. Determine flatness by placing the straight edge of a ruler across the bottom of the cookware. While you rotate the ruler, no space or light should be visible between it and the cookware. Cookware designed with slightly indented bottoms or small expansion channels may be used.

Q: Why is the cooktop indicator light still illuminated even though all burners have been switched off?

A: The indicator light will remain on until all of the burners have sufficiently cooled.

Q: Why are the heating elements not fully red and certain sections darker?

A: This is normal for your cooktop and it is operating correctly. The heating element consists of several elements that will glow during operation. There are no heating elements where the electrical connection and the cable duct are routed. The glow pattern remains dark at these points.

Q: Why do the heating elements show different levels of brightness?

A: Differences in brightness are due to technical reasons and are normal. The heating elements are operating correctly.

Q: Where can I find the model and serial number of my unit?

A: The model and serial numbers can be found on the inside of the oven door jamb, on the manufacturing sticker. 

ESWC-Style Oven FAQ