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Q: How do I set the clock on my oven?

A: To set the clock:

  1. Press SETTINGS. Options will appear in the display.
  2. Press 1 on the number keypad. “AM or PM” will appear in the display.
  3. Press 1 to toggle between AM and PM, and press “Settings” to confirm. “Clock” will appear in the display.
  4. Press the number keypad to enter the time of day.
  5. Press SETTINGS to confirm and set the time of day.

Q: Where can I find the model and serial number of my unit?

A: The model and serial numbers can be found in one of three places: underneath the unit, on the manufacturing sticker on the rear of the unit, or on the cooktop’s box. We recommend writing this information down so you have it for easy reference.

Q: Can I set my oven clock to a 24-hour format?

A: To Change the Clock to 24-Hour Format: 

  1. The clock can be set to display time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. The clock is factory preset for the 12-hour format. 
  2. Press SETTINGS. Options will appear in the display. 
  3. Press 5 in the number keypad, and “12/24 HOUR” and “12”. “PRESS1: 12/24” will appear in the display text area. **Need confirmation
  4. Press 1 on the number keypad to change the 12/24-hour setting to 24-hour. 
  5. Press SETTINGS. The 12/24-hour setting has been changed.

Q: What is Sabbath mode?

A: The Sabbath function is designed for those whose religious observances require that certain features and modes are disabled. The range is factory preset with Sabbath Mode off.

Q: How do I turn Sabbath mode on or off?

A: To Turn Sabbath mode on/off:

  1. Make sure the oven is turned off, and the meat probe is not plugged in. NOTE: Sabbath mode cannot be set when the oven is On. The oven will not recognize the meat probe while in Sabbath mode.
  2. Press SETTINGS > Press START > Press 7, and then press 1 to (toggle between ON / OFF).
  3. Press SETTINGS again to enable Sabbath mode. The only cooking function that works while the oven is set to Sabbath mode is bake.

Q: How do I set a cook timer on my oven?

A: To set a cook timer (oven will stop heating when timer ends):

  1. Select an oven function.
  2. Select an oven temperature.
  3. Press COOK TIME.
  4. Enter the desired cook time by pressing the number keypad. “Press START” will appear on the display. 
  5. Press START. The oven will begin to preheat.

Q: How do I set a cook start time on my oven?

A: To set a start time (oven will automatically begin heating when the time is reached):

  1. NOTE: The clock must be set to the correct time of day or it may start unpredictably.
  2. Select an oven function.
  3. Select an oven temperature.
  4. Set the cook time. 
  5. Press “START TIME,” and then enter the time of day that you want the oven to turn on by pressing the number keypad.
  6. “Press START” will appear on the display. If a cooking time was not set, the display will prompt you to, “Set Cook Time Before Start Time.”
  7. Place the food in the oven and close the oven door.
  8. Press “START.”
  9. When the cook time has elapsed, the oven will turn off automatically. An alert tone will sound and “Complete” will appear in the display.

Q: What are my oven functions?

A: Your oven has 7 preset functions: Bake, Broil, Warm, Proof, Convection Bake, Convection Broil and Convection Roast. 

Q: How do I use the included meat probe?

A: To Use the Temperature Probe:

  1. Insert the probe into the food. For meats, the probe tip should be inserted into the center of the thickest part of the meat. Make sure that the probe tip has not been inserted into the fat or is touching bone.
  2. Place the food in the oven. Keeping the temperature probe as far away from a heat source as possible, plug the temperature probe into the oven outlet. Close the oven door.
  3. Select the oven mode.
  4. Enter the oven temperature by pressing the numbers on the keypad.
  5. Press START. The set oven temperature will appear on the display throughout cooking.
  6. Enter the desired internal food temperature by pressing the numbers on the keypad, and then press START. 
  7. NOTES:
    1. The internal food temperature can be set between 110°F and 200°F (43°C and 93°C).
    2. When the set probe temperature is reached, the oven will turn off.
  8. Press CANCEL when finished. Unplug the temperature probe first and then remove food from the oven. The probe icon will remain lit in the display until the probe is unplugged.

Q: Why is hot air blowing out from the top of my oven door?

A: Your oven is equipped with a cooling fan to better regulate the internal temperature for more precise cooking. There are two vent locations: on top of the oven door, and behind the cooktop. This is intended by design and is normal operation.

Q: Why does my oven’s fan continue to run with convection mode off or after the oven has been turned off?

A: This is normal operation. The cooling fan will remain on during the baking cycle, regardless of the convection function, as well as after the oven has been shut off until it has sufficiently cooled.