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COS-23AFAKB Troubleshooting

My air fryer is not powering on
  1. The power cord is not inserted securely or properly into the power outlet.
    1. Remove the power cord by pulling on the base, never the cable itself.
    2. Insert the power cord into a grounded power socket completely and securely.
  2. A cooking time or temperature was not selected.
    1. Adjust the temperature & time knobs to begin cooking.
    2. The basket holder is not locked into place.
The food is undercooked
  1. There is too much food in the basket.
    1. Remove some food from the basket.
    2. The air fryer is most efficient when the food is not stacked in multiple layers.
  2. The temperature is set too low.
    1. Set a higher temperature by using the knob to adjust the temperature.
  3. The cooking time was too short.
    1. Increase the cooking time by using the knob to adjust the cooking time.
The food is cooking unevenly
  1. Certain foods need to be shaken during the cooking cycle.
    1. During cooking, remove the fry pot and shake the basket with the handle to evenly distribute the food.
The fried food is not crispy enough
  1. Certain foods need to be cooked with a small amount of oil.
    1. Brush a small amount of oil onto the surface of the food, then continue frying.
The pot will not lock into place
  1. The basket is too full or too heavy.
    1. Do not fill the basket over the max fill line.
    2. Remove some food from the basket.
  2. The basket is not locked into place.
    1. Lock the basket into place.
    2. Move the clear cover over the release button.
  3. The handle is stuck.
    1. Hold the handle horizontally.
    2. Pull straight out, never at an angle.
The unit is smoking
  1. There is oil residue present in the fryer.
    1. Allow the unit to cool completely.
    2. Wipe the inside of the fryer clean with a damp cloth.
    3. Allow to dry completely before using again. 
  2. Frying food high in oils.
    1. This is a natural occurrence and expected when high oil foods are being fried.