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COS-QB75 LED Lights Troubleshooting

One or more LED lights are not turning on
  1. Swap the position of any working light with any non-working light. This will determine whether the issue is the light itself, or with the wiring/socket.
  2. If the functioning light still turns on when swapped with a non-functional light, replace the light bulb assembly.
  3. If the functioning light does not turn on after being swapped, either the light socket, display board, circuit board connection, or wiring will need to be inspected for loose or damaged connections. 
  4. Check the wiring harness for loose or damaged wires:
    1. Unplug the unit.
    2. Inspect the wiring between the control panel and the circuit board and ensure they are connected securely.
    3. Reconnect any loose wires or connections and repair any broken wires.
    4. Repairing any wiring problems may fix the lights and/or the fan motor if the broken or disconnected wire(s) are connected to the lights and/or the fan motor.
    5. If the controls are still not responding, contact support for replacement parts such as the control panel, circuit board, or wiring.
One or more LED lights are turning on, but are flickering
  1. Inspect the connection where the light plugs into the main wiring of the range hood. For range hoods with a separate light bulb + socket, also inspect the light socket’s connection to the hood’s wiring. A flickering light is typically caused by a simple loose connection.
  2. If damaged or defective wiring or connector(s) are found, replace the wiring or connector(s). Contact support for replacement parts such as the light bulb assembly, light socket, wiring, circuit board, or control panel.