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Q: Why is my refrigerator buzzing?

A: The compressor in your Cosmo refrigerator may produce buzzing noises during operation, particularly when it starts or stops cooling. This is normal operation and not a cause for concern as long as your refrigerator is still cooling properly.

Q: Where can I find the model and serial number of my unit?

A: The model and serial numbers can be found in one of two places: on the rear of the refrigerator, or on the refrigerator’s box. We recommend writing this information down so you have it for easy reference.

Q: What do the error codes mean on my refrigerator? 

A: The error codes on your refrigerator are:

Error CodeError Description
E1The refrigerator’s temperature sensor has failed.
E2The freezer’s temperature sensor has failed.
E5The freezer’s defrost sensor has encountered an error.
E6Communication error.
E7The ambient temperature sensor has encountered an error.
EHThe humidity sensor has encountered an error.
E0The ice maker has encountered an error.

Q: How do I open the refrigerator if there are no handles?

A: The Cosmo french door refrigerator has hidden handles below each door to assist with opening the refrigerator. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the Cosmo French door refrigerator?

A: The dimensions of the refrigerator are: 35.8” W x 29” D x 70” H. The doors open at an angle of up to 135 degrees, bringing the depth to 39.1”. With the doors fully open, the width including the doors is 62.7”.

Q: Is the Cosmo French door refrigerator Energy Star rated?

A: Yes, the Cosmo refrigerator is Energy Star certified.