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COS-FDR225RHSS Refrigerator Troubleshooting

My refrigerator door(s) are not sealing properly
  1. Check for and remove any foreign materials on the door seal, such as dust, liquids, food particles, etc.
  2. Open the refrigerator and remove any items that may be blocking the doors’ closure. 
  3. Ensure that the refrigerator and doors are completely level.
There is condensation forming on the outside of my refrigerator
  1. Condensation forming on the exterior surface and door seals of the refrigerator is normal when the ambient humidity is high enough. Wipe the condensation off with a clean towel as needed.
The refrigerator does not turn on
  1. Check that the voltage and amperage is appropriate for this unit, and that the outlet is tested for full functionality.
  2. Check if the circuit breaker has been tripped. Reset if necessary.
My refrigerator is displaying an error code. What does it mean?
  1. E1 – The refrigerator’s temperature sensor has failed.
  2. E2 – The freezer’s temperature sensor has failed.
  3. E5 – The freezer’s defrost sensor has encountered an error.
  4. E6 – Communication error.
  5. E7 – The ambient temperature sensor has encountered an error.
  6. EH – The humidity sensor has encountered an error.
  7. E0 – The ice maker has encountered an error.
  8. Reset the refrigerator by unplugging it or switching off the breaker for 5 minutes, then turn it back on. 
  9. If the error code persists, contact support or a qualified technician for further troubleshooting and diagnosis.