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COS-FDR225RHSS Freezer Troubleshooting

My freezer drawer(s) are not sealing properly
  1. Check for and remove any foreign materials on the door seal, such as dust, liquids, food particles, etc.
  2. Open the freezer drawers and remove any items that may be blocking their closure. 
  3. Heat the door seal and then cool it for restoration (or blow it with an electrical dryer or use a hot towel for heating).
My ice maker is not working
  1. Check that the water line has been properly attached, and that the water pressure is sufficient for ice making (between 40 and 120 p.s.i.).
  2. Check that the water source is a potable, cold water supply.
  3. Check that the ice maker has been turned on.
    1. Press the ICE MAKER button and ensure that the ice maker (ice maker symbol) is illuminated. The ice maker is not ON and will not produce ice until the indicator on the display is illuminated.
    2. Over time, the ice tray should begin filling with water.
    3. When the ice tray is full, it will automatically dump the ice into the bucket. 
  4. If the ice maker is still not powering on after following the above steps, contact support or a qualified technician for further troubleshooting and diagnosis.