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Q: How do I set the clock on my oven?

A: The clock can only be set the first time the unit is powered on. To set the clock:

  1. Press the + or – buttons to adjust the time of day.
  2. Once the correct time has been reached, press the function (center) button, or wait 5 seconds.
  3. The time of day is now set. To reset the time of day, the breaker to the unit must be switched off and on again. 

Q: Where can I find the model and serial number of my unit?

A: The model and serial numbers can be found in one of three places: underneath the unit, on the manufacturing sticker on the rear of the unit, or on the cooktop’s box. We recommend writing this information down so you have it for easy reference.

Q: How do I set a cook timer on my oven?

A: To set a cook timer (oven will stop heating when timer ends):

Q: What are my oven functions?

A: Your oven has 5 functions: Oven light (?), Grill, Fan assisted grill, Baking mode, and Defrosting mode. 

Q: Why is hot air blowing out from the top of my oven door?

A: Your oven is equipped with a cooling fan to better regulate the internal temperature for more precise cooking. There are two vent locations: on top of the oven door, and behind the cooktop. This is intended by design and is normal operation.

Q: Why does my oven’s fan continue to run with convection mode off or after the oven has been turned off?

A: This is normal operation. The cooling fan will remain on during the baking cycle, regardless of the convection function, as well as after the oven has been shut off until it has sufficiently cooled.

Q: What are the cut-out dimensions?

A: The cut-out dimensions for your wall oven are:


Q: How do I turn my oven off or put the oven in “Standby” Mode?

A: Hold the ” < > ” and ” + ” buttons together for 5 seconds.