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Q: Why does it smell like paint or chemicals when I use my oven for the first time?

A: This is the result of residue from the manufacturing process burning off. Open all of the windows and doors in the room for proper ventilation and allow the oven to run with nothing inside for at least 45 minutes before the first use.

Q: Why does my oven flame stay on during the entire cooking cycle?

A: The oven on your Cosmo range uses a manual spark ignition with no auto reignition. The flame is designed to stay lit until the oven has been turned off. As your oven goes through the bake cycle, the size of the oven flame will increase and decrease to keep an average temperature within 20-30 degrees of the set temperature. 

Q: How can I tell when my oven has been preheated to the selected temperature?

A: Your Cosmo gas oven does not include an alert or indicator that the oven has reached the selected temperature. We recommend using a standard oven thermometer inside the oven to indicate when the oven has reached its set temperature. The oven will take 10-20 minutes to preheat depending on the set temperature. 

Q: How do I set the clock on my range?

A: Press the center button below the display until the bar above the Clock icon is illuminated. Use the right (+) and left(-) buttons below the display until the correct time is displayed. The clock cannot be set while a cooking end time is active.

Q: How do I set the timer on my range?

A: The digital countdown timer can be set up to 12 hours and 59 minutes. To set the timer, press the center function button repeatedly until the bar above the first icon (bell) is displayed. Press the left and right buttons below the display until the desired time is displayed. After several seconds of no interaction, the timer will start.

Q: Does my range come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

A: This range includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with your new purchase from an authorized retailer. To view a list of authorized retailers, please visit

Q: Where can I find the warranty terms for this product?

A: The warranty terms are available here. Your unit is covered for both parts and labor for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

Q: Why can’t I turn my oven knob?

A: This oven uses an electronically controlled oven ignition system and will not turn when the knob has been fully pushed in or fully released. To light the oven: 

  1. Push in the control knob without turning it, and hold for 2-3 seconds for the igniter to start.
  2. Release the knob and quickly turn to 400 F, or Broil if using Broil. You should continue to hear the igniter spark after releasing and while turning the knob.
  3. After a few seconds, the flame should light.
  4. The igniter will automatically stop clicking 5-10 seconds after starting the lighting sequence.

Q: All of my burners are clicking or sparking when I turn any of them on.

A: The burners on this unit will spark when you attempt to ignite any of them. This is normal operation and is an intentional side effect of the cooktop’s design.

Q: Why is hot air blowing out from the top of my oven door?

A: Your oven is equipped with a cooling fan to better regulate the temperature between the oven cavity and the external walls of the unit. This is an advanced safety feature to help prevent burns when touching any of the panels, knobs, or the door handle. There are two vent locations: the top of the oven door, and behind the cooktop. This is intended by design and is normal operation.

Q: Why does my oven’s fan continue to run with convection mode off or after the oven has been turned off?

A: This is normal operation. The cooling fan will remain on during the baking cycle, regardless of the convection function, as well as after the oven has been shut off until it has sufficiently cooled.

Q: Why is my unit producing black soot when in use?

A: The most common cause of black soot being produced when using either the oven or the cooktop is an improper propane mixture or conversion. Check the propane gas source first, then review the LP conversion instructions